Meet us: Lucy Hutchines
27 April 2022

Lucy was born and educated in Luxembourg and therefore speaks Luxembourgish and English as her mother-tongues as well as speaking French and German fluently too. Following several years travelling the world and working in the hospitality industry, Lucy returned home to Luxembourg and took up a position within a recruitment firm.

Having gained an excellent grounding, Lucy was keen to build on this and moved to Redbridge…

We interviewed Lucy, here she gives us some insights:

Why did you choose to join Redbridge Recruitment?

I was looking for a company with similar values. After having the chance of meeting the entire team and understanding how they completed the recruitment process for their candidates and clients, I was really intrigued and excited to join Redbridge Recruitment. I could see how it wasn’t just about quantity but really about providing a qualitative, honest service for both candidates and clients.

Have you always specialised in recruiting? 

Initially my background is in hospitality. After finishing my degree in hospitality, I was doing an internship in Indonesia, where I was exposed to recruitment for the very first time. I really enjoyed it and I pursued my master’s in human resources. While completing my masters I started my career in recruitment at a different company and joined Redbridge in April 2022.

What are you hoping to achieve with Redbridge Recruitment?

Long lasting relationships amongst candidates and clients and hopefully opening a new market in the upcoming months.

Redbridge takes a personal, partnership approach to recruitment. What does that mean to you?

To me personally it means that we differ to other agencies on the market. We take our time with the candidates and clients in order to fully understand their needs and wants. We do not want to waste any bodies time and instead want to focus on finding the right candidates for the right employer.

What’s the one thing you wished all employers knew?

Everyone has different needs. Get to know your employees and see what they want instead of assuming you know. Adapt and learn from your employees, you might be surprised!

What’s the best piece of recruitment or career advice you’ve ever heard?

An interview is not just for the employer, it is also for the candidate. Ensure you are prepared to ask all the questions you need to ask to make the right decision in your next career step.

Are you looking for a new challenge? Contact Lucy on +352 691 170 010 or you can email