Meet us: Alan Botfield
13 janvier 2022

Alan Botfield recruits for Corporate & Trust, Investment & Asset Management, Legal, Compliance &  Governance roles in the alternative funds industry in Luxembourg. He joined Redbridge Recruitment’s team in October 2021, bringing with him over 20 years of experience in senior management roles, including CSSF-approved positions in Regulated Entities and Funds.

We asked Alan to share some of his recruitment secrets:

Why did you choose to join Redbridge Recruitment?

I joined Redbridge for a new challenge, a different environment and to work with the known “Luxembourg expert” in recruitment. I briefly worked with Redbridge in 2016 prior to joining KPMG — it is a dynamic, fast-paced yet incredibly complex and challenging position. Organisational skills, communication skills and multitasking are all part of the daily test… along with expectation management and diplomacy. But, I’m supported by Redbridge’s established platform, extensive network and fully functioning technical support team.

Have you always specialised in recruiting?

I have never been a recruiter by definition. But, I have worked in fast-growing client servicing companies where I have interviewed perhaps 400-500 people. As a result, I am regularly approached by ex-colleagues to share my thoughts on their career opportunities and new roles. In the past I directed many people to speak to Redbridge. Now, I’ve joined them to support people’s careers.

What are you hoping to achieve with Redbridge Recruitment?

Job satisfaction! Finding the perfect role for a perfect candidate is the unicorn. I hope I can allow professionals and employers to come together, where both parties are excited about working together.

Redbridge takes a personal, partnership approach to recruitment. What does that mean to you?

I think that managing the expectations of both clients and candidates is essential to delivering an excellent recruitment environment. Trust, integrity and honesty are key factors. That’s why Redbridge has worked repeatedly with many clients and professionals for over 10 years now.

What’s the one thing you wished all employers knew?

Maslow’s basic hierarchy of needs for employees.

What’s the best piece of recruitment or career advice you’ve ever heard?

Best recruitment advice: all experience is good experience.

Best career advice: is this the company you wish to retire from?

Recruiting? Contact Alan on +352 691 170 021 or at