Staying Fit During the COVID-19 lockdown

We mustn’t let our health suffer when working from home during the coronavirus lockdown. More than ever, it’s vital to stay in good physical and mental shape.

Redbridge Recruitment spoke to a local fitness expert about some basic rules for keeping in form.

Marcus Neal is an ex-professional basketball player from the USA. He brings that elite experience to his personal fitness company Marcus Neal Fitness, located in Walferdange not far from the capital.

What is special about Marcus Neal Fitness?

We offer group and personal training to people of all ages, fitness levels and aspirations from our new, state of the art gym in Walferdange. Our focus is on functional training. For our personal services we listen closely to understand each individual’s unique fitness goals. With this knowledge we build flexible training regimes and find out how best to offer encouragement to maximise each person’s health and fitness.

How is the lockdown affecting our fitness levels?

The legal and social pressure to stay at home means we are missing out on so much of the basic exercise we take. Not only is there no organised sport and the gyms are closed, but people are no longer taking little walks going to, from and around the office. It’s just too easy to kick back and relax in their favourite chair.

While this cuts our potential exposure to the coronavirus, we still need exercise to stay healthy, prevent weight gain, keep our spirits up, and help pass the time. But perhaps most importantly, exercise strengthens the immune system and makes our bodies better able to recover if infection does occur.

So yes, stay at home as much as possible, but don’t use this as an excuse to get out of shape.

How can we keep healthy whilst at home?

The lockdown is restrictive, particularly for those of us living in apartments and in towns. But here are some basics open to anyone:

Don’t just sit there. Take breaks from your computer, TV, iPad etc. Taking short walks, playing with your pet, or even just some basic stretching makes a huge difference.Do not take the lift! If you can take the stairs at the supermarket, your office or apartment then do so!Healthy Eating. These are worrying times, so we want to turn to comfort food, but too much chocolate, pizza and alcohol will drag you down. It’s never been more important to made sure you’re getting enough vegetables and fruit.If you put aside 30 minutes a day for a basic bodyweight routine you will reap the rewards. See some recommended exercises below.Stretch. Do this every day too. This will prevent injury and also increase your heart rate.

What exercises should I be doing?

You don’t need equipment for these basic exercises. Check out YouTube to see how you can boost the returns on your efforts:

  • Running on the Spot
  • Squat                              
  • Lunges                              
  • Jumping Jacks                   
  • Plank                         

Some more advanced exercise are:

  • Mountain Climbers        
  • Burpees                            
  • Push Ups                         
  • Sit Ups                           

If you need some extra encouragement, Marcus Neal Fitness are offering online sessions via Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype. You can work-out either in a virtual gym environment or on an individual or group basis.

Contact Marcus via e-mail or see MNF online at or

Stay at home, stay safe, and stay fit and healthy.